Waterfalls of South Iceland

September, 21

Having driven the Golden Circle the previous day, we wanted to see more of Iceland. Not the touristy crowded side of Iceland, but the quintessential waterfall photos of Iceland that you so often see.

We had several choices, go north to Snaefellsnes peninsula, go super north to the Westfjords, go south or go really south to Hofn. North to Westfjords was a 8 hour drive round trip, Hofn was a 10 hour round trip so we knew those two options were probably out. Instead, we decided to go south, about half way to Hofn and to visit two of many Icelandic waterfalls.

We took advantage of our complimentary hotel breakfast and popped into our rental car, GPS in hand, setting off for the first waterfall, Seljalandfoss.


Unfortunately for us, a north Atlantic rainstorm rolled in and it was pouring down rain and windy. Super crappy weather, but what are you going to do…

We made the best of it and started our drive anyway. It was about 2-hours before we reached the first waterfall, full of narrow roads, thick fog and flat farm valleys.

A left turn is all you need to see the first waterfall, Seljalandfoss.





It’s right on the side of the highway and you’d have to be sleeping to miss it. There are actually four or five waterfalls on this hillside, which we later found out was the mountain range that the Eyjafjallajokull glacier resides on, resulting in massive waterfalls, glacier runoff.

Seljalandfoss is huge and beautiful and it took our breath away. Literally, this is the photo you see if you type Iceland into Google and we were there.

I think someone was looking out for us because minutes after getting out of our rental car, the rain stopped and the winds died down. The sun came out to say hello and we were able to enjoy the waterfall almost completely by ourselves. Because of the position of the hillside, you can actually walk right past the falls and go behind it.



Standing behind the waterfall, we both took a second to stop and really take it in where we were and what we were seeing. These are the moments to travel for! We couldn’t believe we had actually embarked on this crazy adventure and were now in Iceland…behind a giant waterfall.

We took more than enough pictures and had walked down further to see the other smaller falls that accompanied the big one.

Almost heading back to the car, we nearly turned around before I noticed people walking around a far away corner of the mountain. Curious, we walked over and we were so happy we did.





There behind the corner was a slot canyon and a hidden waterfall. Bryce quickly headed into the opening and found himself standing on a giant rock nearly underneath the falls. Accompanied by a group of friends, I joined Bryce for a quick photo op.


Slightly damp, we headed back to the car to see the Skogfoss waterfall. Again, on the left side of the road like a routine gas-stop, this time a taller and more powerful waterfall roared.

The best part of it all? We had the place all to ourselves! Had we visited in the Summer, this place would of been a zoo. We felt lucky.






There is a steep staircase for active travelers to climb and reach the top of the falls, which ended up being an entire river plunging itself off the hillside.Falls






We had lunch at the falls restaurant, a not-so-good cheeseburger and fries and then headed back home, tired and exhausted, but oh so happy. Oh, and it was time for hotel Happy Hour!

We stayed in and enjoyed our hotel room, knowing very soon that our hotel days would be over and the hostel days would soon become our life.

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    Amazing!!! Great pictures!

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