To Swiss-land We Go

September 25th
We caught an early train at 7am out of Munich en route to Zurich, Switzerland. 2:30 hours of gorgeous green countryside and crystal blue lakes- we knew we were going to like it here.

We arrived at our hostel around noon and we not able to check into our room until 3pm so instead of spending 5 franks on renting a locker for three hours and then having to move it, we posted up in the common room reception and popped on WiFi to write a blog post and research what to see and do in Zurich.








First impressions of Switzerland: it’s clean, like sparkling clean. The infrastructure is so well kept and maintained. The people walking around are all skinny beautiful and confident. We laughed because every car we saw was either a Mercedes, Audi, BMW or range rover. This city had money- clearly.

After checking in to our room and locking our gear up, we walked the 500 m or so back to the train stop, hopped on the train to the main terminal in the heart of the city. The tourist map provided by our receptionist had a tourist walking route that directed newbies to the area around the most scenic areas of Zurich.

Zurich is situated at the end of lake Zurich and is split to two sides with a river going through it. There are multiple bridges going back and forth from sided to side of The city.

Following the tourist route marked red on our handy map, we followed along the river, gazing at the insanely clean streets and beautiful people. It’s was sunny and warm and we people watched and ate margarita pizza sitting on the edge of the lake. A musician street performer played Dave-Matthews-like hits while hundreds of locals sat on the edge of the lake and ate, drank and enjoyed the sun.

Did we mention the lake is full of swans? Come on! Of course, as if Zurich could note get anymore perfect, there were dozens of giant swans eating bread crumbs from generous locals. We sat and watched the sun set before continuing on our walking route.








It was about happy hour at this point and cafés and bars were full of locals drinking and smoking cigarettes. It was odd tho because we didn’t see one person at the ten-plus outside restaurants eat. They were all having cocktails -only. Maybe that’s how they all stay so skinny?
We were baffled and hungry so naturally we went to a CoOp grocery store and picked up cheap eats.





As the sun finally set, we decided we needed to head back to our hostel since we’d be catching an early train the next morning. 24-hours in Zurich, we didn’t see a ton of the city but we definitely got a feel for what it is like And would like to come back one day, when we have money to spend at a expensive hotel and can drink at the local cafés, watching future backpackers like us pass along.

Early morning, we excitedly woke up pre-alarm clock and packed our bags for the train station. We were headed to Interlaken to start our Swiss alps adventure.

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