One Month: What We’ve Learned

September 19th – October 19th

Where we’ve been:
  • Iceland
  • Munich
  • Swiss Alps
  • South of France
  • Barcelona
  • Alicante
  • South of Oslo…not on purpose
  • Oslo
  • Flam
  • Bergen
What we’ve learned:
  1. Staying in dorm room hostels is not happening anymore, it’s worth the money for a private room
  2. I love bread, pizza and pasta too much and need to eat veggies
  3. I over packed and wear the same thing all the time
  4. It still doesn’t feel like we’re on a continuous trip
  5. Traveling to new cities is a lot of planning and looking for hostels is exhausting
  6. Staying in cities for less than two days is exhausting
  7. Tourist Information centers, hotel concierge and good maps are invaluable
  8. The planning is worth it when we arrive in a new city and in a nice hostel
  9. Traveling with a partner is better than traveling solo
  10. Finding a balance of being present and planning next moves is tricky
  11. Blogging and posting social media is tricky, I am better than Bryce
  12. Bryce is better at staying on budget than I am
  13. When you find good WiFi, don’t move
  14. A city is a city, it’s the small towns and unique destinations that I like and appreciate the most
  15. I am learning and growing, finding out what I like, don’t like, what I want, where I want to go in life through travel experiences
  16. Favorite place so far: Swiss Alps
  17. Least favorite place so far: Marseille
  1. If I had to choose one place to return to… Iceland/Switzerland.
  2. Internet speeds in Europe have sucked, unless we’re at an established hotel.
  3. It’s an adventure to have an open itinerary, but difficult not knowing where we might be staying.
  4. Kim has social media on lock
  5. I take most of our pictures
  6. We travel quickly through cities, but find time to hit attractions and still take it all in
  7. We feel our best outside of the city
  8. The hardest part about the last month has been traveling to some of the most expensive place in Europe so early on.  Bring on Eastern Europe and Asia!
  9. I’ve ate more pizza, pasta and McDonalds in the last month than I ever would at home.
  10. Working hard and saving for this trip has made the experience that much better.
  11. Traveling with a partner makes all the difference.
  12. If Kim managed our budget, we’d be broke and on our way home.
  13. Traveling thus far has given me a glimpse as to how others operate and I can’t wait to see more.
  14. Favorite place so far: Iceland
  15. Least favorite place so far: Marseille

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