Oktoberfest: Munich, Germany

It’s hard to have expectations for a festival like Oktoberfest, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy liters of beer and bratwurst? Nothing can prepare you for the sheer size and crowds of people who are all dressed up and drunk. Carnival rides filled the air with pleasant screams of excitement and songs of drinking echoed from the beer tents. The tents were massive from the outside and even bigger on the inside, holding 3,000 people,  each tent having its own distinctive decorations and dish.






We drank for two days straight and shared tables with people from Australia, South Africa, Germany and the US.  A group of four friends from Pennsylvania befriended us and we all drank and tent hopped until the night ended, unforgettable. Turning left and right looking for empty tables, we finally saw one on the second level overlooking the band and mass beer hall. The ladies went and befriended the two gents, asking to buy a stein or two, in exchange of sharing their reserved table. Done. Then, the boys show up and the gents see what’s going on but cheers steins anyway. Prost!

If you ever visit Oktoberfest you must take the time to walk the carnival grounds and enjoy the brightly colored lights and less crowded side of the festival. Nothing quite like watching drunk guys think they can handle roller coasters and fast spinning puke traps, literally saw multiple people lose their nights courage.







DSC01831We made it home and prepped ourselves for our early morning train to Zurich, Switzerland en route to the Swiss Alps.

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  • Reply September 29, 2014

    Leslie Allen

    Your Oktoberfest pics are amazing! the colors are incredible with your camera! You look darling in your dirndl dress!
    Miss you tons and thanks for sharing a beer with your fans!

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