Month Four: What We Learned

December 19th – January 19th

Where we’ve been:
  • Prague
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Kathmandu
  • Everest Base Camp
  • Koh Samui
What we’ve learned:
  1. Australians are friendly
  2. I’m tired of writing blog posts
  3. Bryce drives me nuts sometimes
  4. I am still in love with pizza
  5. To travel slowly and not every 3-4 days
  6. The middle east (UAE….) is very safe and there are more westerners than locals
  7. I wish I knew another language
  8. Nepal has the friendliest people
  9. A good internet connection would be nice one of these days
  10. To travel ‘better’ and not slum it even if that means we go home early
  11. Thailand isn’t as cheap as you’d think
  12. Screw the blog, i’m on vacation now…ok gotta do it
  13. Favorite place so far: Prague, Kathmandu Airport (upon exiting the country & landing on a beach)
  14. Least favorite place so far: Non-Emirates Airline terminals in Dubai, or Budapest too.
  1.  Dubai was a lot more spread out than I imagined.
  2.  Australians travel a lot.
  3.  I miss good beer and food from home
  4.  Kim hates bugs and will spend her night smashing every last critter in/around the room.
  5. Vacation from the vacation is very nice
  6.  Nepal has some serious pollution problems.
  7.  Why do Indian people not wear deodorant?
  8.  Riding a motorbike in Thailand is awesome.
  9.   Spring mattresses are terrible
  10.  Trekking in Nepal was just as epic as I had imagined, amazing.
  11.  Nepalese hospitality > Thai hospitality
  12. Least favorite place: Waiting for bags near the Spice Jet departures.
  13. Favorite place:  Poolside/Beach with a drink.

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  • Reply February 7, 2015

    Michael Bach

    What’s great about your lists is that each of you are open to learning and experiencing new things even if not the easiest at times. Keeping you hearts and minds open is the key to living an enriched happy life!

    Miss you both and look forward to your adventures with Laura and Trent!
    Love Dad!

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