Dingboche to Gorak Shep: Nepal Part Four

The day started like all the rest, but the the mornings climb reminded us we were getting into some serious altitude, as we huffed and puffed up the trail. It was fairly gradual for several hours with stunning views, unrivaled landscape and Ama Dablam looming behind us. The joke that we were living in Middle Earth and trekking towards Mordor never got old. Adam and I were imagining Orc horns and hoards of creatures rushing towards our whereabouts…

DSC08461    DSC08478  DSC08477  DSC08476  DSC08475  DSC08472  DSC08470  DSC08468  DSC08466

DSC08464  DSC08463

Lunch was nestled perfectly at the base of a daunting hill in the town of Thukla. We took our time drinking water and loading up on calories. There was a little girl running around the town who would jump from rocks and trust you would catch her. She even spit on my jacket because I wouldn’t pick her up.

DSC08482  DSC08481 

DSC08479  DSC08485  DSC08484  DSC08483

It took us about an hour to hike the hill and atop was the memorials for people who had died climbing Everest. Countless cairns and monuments scattered the rocky terrain with prayer flags and identification rocks. Everyone quietly walked around before deciding it was time to push on to Lobuche at 16,210 ft.

DSC08487  DSC08490  DSC08492  DSC08498  DSC08497  DSC08496  DSC08495  DSC08493

DSC08499  DSC08508  DSC08506  DSC08505  DSC08504  DSC08503  DSC08502  DSC08501  DSC08500

DSC08513  DSC08515

Aside from some rolling hills, the remaining 2 hours wasn’t too difficult and we arrived, hungry and tired. Knowing tomorrow would be a tough day with altitude, we rehydrated and ate a big dinner around the fire. As with all nights, the fire was out by 8:00 and we all went to bed buried under blankets and wrapped like mummies in our bags.

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