Our favorite beaches in Aruba

  1. Baby Beach

    Famous Baby Beach is located at the southeastern end of the island.  A true Caribbean lagoon that can’t be missed when visiting Aruba.  Turquoise waters and dreamlike sand make up this half-moon paradise that will compare to non.  This shallow playground can be enjoyed by all ages, as the soothing water and warm environment will make it difficult to leave no matter what time of year you visit.
    The beach contains a Flintstones-themed grill that offers tasty burgers and cold beverages. Shade-huts are scattered across the beach and are
    complimentary, yahoo!  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of beach to enjoy your own privacy and natural shade. Located only 25-30 minutes from Eagle/Palm Beach via rental car, or $35 taxi fare each direction.

    DSCN15112. Palm Beach

    High-rise hotels overlook this 2-mile stretch of manicured paradise.  Step away from the your hotel pool and wade into the calm ocean waters of Palm Beach.

    DSCN1270With sailboats on the horizon and the beach abandoned (shopping strip/bars) there’s no better place to soak-in the sunset.



3. Eagle Beach

As one of the most photographed beaches in the world, Eagle Beach is surely not to be missed. This beach is home to the divi trees, for which Aruba is famous. It’s also an easy walk, about 20 minutes, from Palm Beach and major hotels. We enjoyed Eagle beach in near solitude, with only a few tourists in our view. 



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