Arriving in France

Lauterbrunnen – Interlaken – Bern – Geneva – Lyon – Valence – Marseille, whew!

12-hours on multiple trains and we were in the south of France. Exhausted and hungry, we grabbed a cab from the train station, even though our hotel was 10 minute walk away. Oh, did I fail to mention it was monsooning outside?! Complete downpour.

Soaked, we checked in to our budget hotel in the city city center. It’s was tiny, borderline sketchy but cheap, our own room, our own shower. Not shared, ours. Bryce stretched across the bed and could touch both the front door and the other wall.




We doned our Helly Hansen rain gear and headed out to grab a quick bite. First restaurant we saw, Mcdonalds. Easy decision. Stuffed beyond belief, we walked back to our closet of my room and passed out, not waking until 11am the next morning.

Blue skies and not a cloud in the sky, we were excited to explore the city. Before heading out when needed to prep our route and accommodations for Spain since we’d be leaving in two days. It’s easy to take trains from city to city but many, if not all, direct, non stop, fast trains require a reservation that can add up very quickly. Some reservations are 50 euro which is a night at a hostel for us, so the trains we decide to take (free of reservations) are significantly longer but free. Most of the time it’s fun to train through towns we wouldn’t normally ever have an opportunity to see, plus with all the time in the world, why not take the long way. Our train to Marseille from Lyon, I do not care to ever train through again. Graffiti and trash, sketchy subjects! No thank you. Finalizing our route, we booked our rooms for Barcelona and headed out to get lunch and explore Marseille.

Our hotel was right in he city center, a ten minute or so walk to the port and harbor front. There were pizza places everywhere – I was in heaven! Piiiiizzzzaaaa heaven! We continued to the harbor, all the time trying to avoid getting hit by trams, buses, angry French drivers in small cars and mopeds driving on the sidewalks.

We found exactly what we needed, a pizza joint with outside sidewalk seating and decent prices. We ordered one salami pizza to split.








DSC02362Full, we continued along the promenade and up to a viewpoint above the city and met a couple, our parents age. The lady worked for the World Health Organization and Oxford and Penn State professor, the man, an architect with ten weeks paid vacation. We chatted with them for over an hour about what to see and do in Marseille and picked their brain on how they enjoyed Airbnb travel.















Taking the long way back to our hotel, we retreated in our cozy mini room to rest and relax. We ended up going to the same pizza place for dinner that night, knowing we had an early morning 6am, train to Spain and needed to repack our backpacks and catch up with family.





DSC02407We woke up bright and early, headed to the train station en route to Barcelona for a few days before joining the Helly Hansen crew in Alicante, Spain for the Volvo Ocean Races.

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